Website Quality Assurance

Even if all techniques are stringently honored for designing and development, mistakes can still happen that minimize the quality of a website. For example, a file may be shifted from one place to another by a developer or a picture removed which consequently results in a broken link. The issue is that unless someone is verifying for such mistakes, they may go undetected until a client absorb such an error on your website.

Website quality assurance is the process of making sure a website works in best proper way and is in accordance with organizational requirements. Quality assurance team is responsible for looking after all the functionality of a website and make sure that all functions work.

We, Hilal Technology have the best solution for website quality assurance for your website. Our QA team has all the knowledge and experience of quality assurance. Our QA team performs collecting data against the following check points to insure that your website functionalities are kept intact.

  • Broken links
  • Missing content, e.g. images
  • Missing page titles
  • Spelling and grammar of content
  • Missing metadata
  • Checking the file sizes of pages to ensure they are not too large
  • Browser compatibility
  • Checking that applications are implemented properly, e.g. online forms
  • Checking that any Server Side Scripting or other languages function correctly
  • Checking data protection and privacy guidelines are adhered
  • ‘Alt-tags’ checking
  • Checking that the Website Design standard is maintained