Our Team

Hilal Technology started its journey as a web development company in Montreal city of Canada. We used to developed business directories and then Job and resume posting website. This is how we started when Masood has the only employee and owner of the company. Now we have a staff of around fifteen developers, designers and SEO analysts.

Now we have a very enthusiastic and well trained staff as our team. Who always thrives for the latest knowledge of web of this age and implement it. We ensure our customers until their satisfaction. We have many satisfied customers updating our testimonial.

Here we are listing those team player who played a very important role in company’s success and gave us a helping hand in some very tough and testing times. Hilal Technology really appreciate them and grateful to them for their services.

Mr. Masood Ahmad

CEO / Founder – Hilal Technology


Masood Ahmad brings to the table a wealth of experience exceeding 26 years in the dynamic field of IT. His professional journey includes pivotal roles as a Software Development Engineer at Luminous Networks Inc., USA, and as a Senior Software Engineer at Vroom Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan, prior to his tenure at Hilal Technology

Mr. Awais Jamil

Results-driven Full Stack Engineer with two years of experience in web development. Adept at customizing WordPress templates, redesigning layouts, and integrating functionalities. Skilled in Laravel and PHP for scalable backend solutions, proficient in React JS and React Native for diverse tech stacks. Well-versed in cloud infrastructure, particularly AWS. Experienced in WordPress customization and development. Committed to continuous learning, adaptability to new technologies, and passionate about secure and innovative software development.

Mr. Uzair Ahmad

My name is Uzair Ahmad, with 3 years in software development. Specializing in WordPress for 2 years, adept in customization using WooCommerce, WP Bakery, Elementor, and Avada Builder. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap (3,4,5), Tailwind CSS, Tailblocks, PHP, and MySQL. Recently, I’ve been working on React.js since 1 year with Material UI for dynamic websites. Experienced in theme installation, bug fixing. Also skilled in UI development with React-Native. Committed to delivering top-notch services.

Mr. Abdullah Bin Masood

Abdulah Bin Masood, equipped with approximately six months of hands-on experience with WordPress, stands ready to craft your envisioned website. His expertise extends to creating a diverse range of websites, tailored precisely to your specifications. From concept to execution, if you can envision it, Abdulah can bring it to life.

Mr. Muhammad Talha Shehzad

Hello, I’m Muhammad Talha Shehzad, delighted to connect with you. I bring 6 months of hands-on experience in website development to the table. My expertise lies in crafting dynamic websites using WordPress, harnessing the power of Bootstrap for seamless responsiveness, and weaving intricate designs with HTML and CSS. I’m passionate about creating engaging online experiences and look forward to contributing my skills to your projects.

Mr. Malik Muhammad Ishaq

I am a highly motivated BS Computer Science student at Iqra National University, eager to leverage my skills and knowledge to make a significant impact in the IT industry.
Key Skills:
Web Development: WordPress, HTML, CSS, React Native
Mobile App Development: API Integration
Networking: Network Administration, Troubleshooting, Security
Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing

Mr. Abdul Moeez

Hey there, I’m Abdul Moeez, a skilled website developer specializing in WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. I excel at creating customized websites that are both visually stunning and user-friendly. With expertise in WordPress, I can tailor your site to meet your unique needs. Bootstrap ensures your site looks great on any device, while HTML and CSS allow for precise design control. Let’s work together to bring your online vision to life!

Mr. Hassan Raza

My name is Hassan Raza, and I am a WordPress web developer with over 6 months of experience in the field. Currently employed at HilalTechnology, I have honed my skills in various aspects of WordPress development, specializing in crafting diverse types of contact forms.If you’re looking for a skilled WordPress developer with a proven track record of creating impactful websites and intuitive contact forms, I am well-equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Mr. Mehran

Greetings, I’m Mehran, a professional with a diverse skill set. I bring 3 months of hands-on experience in WordPress development, coupled with 6 months of expertise as a UI/UX Designer. My combined knowledge allows me to create compelling websites with a focus on user experience and aesthetic appeal. Let’s collaborate to turn your digital ideas into captivating realities.