Social Media Marketing

With the ever-growing expansion of social networking and constant digital connectivity, social media marketing is getting important day by day. Connecting to Social Networking sites reveal great number of potential users to your website.

You will see instant increases in website traffic ultimately leading to increase in sales. According to a recent research, 85% organizations experienced great exposure for their businesses due to Social Media Marketing campaigns, whereas more than 50% found that Social Media Marketing generated qualified leads.

Hilal Technology can help you define and customize your social marketing strategy that is in-line with your goals and objectives. We use the two most common social media platforms for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter. Creation, customization and related supporting tasks are part of our package with our clients. Details are listed as below:

  • Setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Customization each account to best suit your organization’s needs
  • Placing social media icons on your website
  • Basic social media marketing strategy development along the lines of best practices used.