Our Services

Hilal Technology is a professional web development company. Our goal is to design custom templates and robust interfaces for each website so that we meet the needs of our customers. We are happy redesigning existing sites or starting from scratch. We specialize in web design for the home and small sized businesses.

We are continually committed to developing industry-leading applications and service platforms to provide our customers with the cutting-edge technology necessary to achieve their goals. We consider ourselves your long-term technology partner and it is our mission to provide our customers with the very best in all that we do!


Well-structured, well-configured and optimized website is a vital means leading to success in digital world. We design websites specifically to meet the business objectives and enhance the business image. Web designing and development is the process of the presenting the organization content and services on internet for the customer. Web designing and development mainly covers contents type, functionalities, and clients. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work really hard to meet your website design requirements. We ensure that your brand image is enhanced through your website.


Hilal Technology develops user-friendly and effective desktop applications that work online and off-line. Our user-friendly and easily accessible desktop applications assist and help you to enjoy your desktop environment. Our desktop applications assist you in synchronization of contents, quick file system accessibility and will always be ready to manage & download content even if they are working offline. Our desktop application developer can develop applications which are effective and easy-to-maintain.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely integrated technique for managing a business’s relationships with customers, customers and revenue prospects. It involves using technology to arrange, improve, and synchronize company processes-principally sale activities, but also those for promotion, support assistance, and tech support team. Hilal Technology follows the best possible techniques to provide the complete reports on the performance of client’s website. Our analysis report of your website will tell you the specific number of visitors to your website, from where most traffic is coming to your website.


Content Management System (CMS) is one of the main features of web design. CMS mainly contain the collection of data and process to administer the work flow in a mutual environment. Hilal Technology provides the reliable and efficient CMS development solution. Our team can assist you administer your content effortlessly and swiftly. If necessary you can update and change the content quickly without any sweat.


As day by day the mobile experiencing is improving so it is vital for every business organization to use the mobile platform to expose the business and communicate with its customers. We offer advanced services in the field of mobile application development across various platforms. Our team includes well experience designers and programmers who can think extra-ordinarily and develop most demanded mobile applications.


Website quality assurance is the process of making sure a website works in best proper way and is in accordance with organizational requirements. Quality assurance team is responsible for looking after all the functionality of a website and make sure that all functions work. We, Hilal Technology have the best solution for website quality assurance for your website. Our QA team has all the knowledge and experience of quality assurance required for any website.


If you have dynamic website, it means that your business will nourish more. That is the key of all e-Commerce sites that are making great company. The e-commerce sites offer items are extremely entertaining and may attract the guests at the first look that persuades them to buy items from your company website only. We are the right resource to make an e-Commerce website that is the remedy to your company and that will play a huge part in factors of revenue and control of your online company. We apply the most advanced technological innovation and resources for you e-commerce web page that help you obtain edge over the rivals.


Hilal Technology provides robust hosting solution to its clients. Our web hosting solutions are reliable, fast, and efficient that is completely measureable. From individual web sites to business corporations, we can offer solutions to your needs. Our solutions offer versatile functions, accurate performance, amazing stability, and excellent support. We back all of our solutions with one of the most effective assures in the industry.


Our expert and competent website maintenance packages provide comfort for customers who require consistent up-dates to website content and regular website analysis. Our friendly, experienced and beneficial team is here to help you maintain your websites.

Whether you need to upgrade or change your current website, we can provide required solution within a decided timescale and without any invisible costs.

We aim to be incredibly competitive and our maintenance costs are quite affordable. We provide excellent value for cash.